Digital Governance in China – Pros and Cons of Owning a dotCN Domain

As Featured On EzineArticles.comToday, internet in China seems to be re-emerging as a major player in the virtual arena. In the present scenario, China is climbing the technological ladder at a fast pace, with an increasing number of businesses hosting web servers in the country.

The Chinese government seems to have evolved into an economic power house with world power. China may seem to have become an economical and technological power house at the global forefront, but internally, it is very fragile as a result of the technological developments, the communist political leaders seem to be having a deep sense of domestic insecurity. And it is this insecurity that backs the introduction of various rules and regulations with Chinese censorship for every aspect of web hosting in China.

Today, there are stricter rules in according to Chinese censorship for registering a .CN domain names at CNNIC. According to latest news, web hosts are looking for alternative places for registering their domain names. It is has been observed that the technical nature of the global domain name system is causing a political stir within China. It is the technological advancements in China that have caused the technocratic government to impose very rigid regulatory rules and Chinese censorship for web hosting in China.

The DNS system was originated by the Americans and they have a complete veto on any kind of changes in the naming system. Therefore, Chinese censorship is trying to regain a control of what the government thinks, is its rightful niche on the World Wide Web.

According to the latest additions in the regulations of Chinese censorship, the domain names need to be registered with the government. And in case, the owners fail to register, their website would be pulled down by the government. To add to the plight of web hosts in China, the .CN is commonly known to be used in phishing attacks of security infringement on the internet.

According to statistics, as a result of the rigid regulations put forth by the government in China, there has been a steep decline in the number of users that are registering for .CN extension; as it reached a record low of 76% as recorded in the last month of 2008.

The rigidity in regulations for domain names indicates that China seems to have been wedded to the belief that technological advancements can have an impact on the political and social aspects of the country, thus leading to digital governance.


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