ICP Licensing For the Chinese Dotcom Bubble

As Featured On EzineArticles.comThe World Wide Web has undergone considerable change and today, there are various options available for web hosting. Though originally, the internet had the potentiality to transfer data irrespective of the platform or the geographical location where it was being viewed, today, especially in China, the internet is considered as an esoteric and restricted concern, but the past decade has seen a boom in the Chinese internet usage, bringing the web into the daily lives of the internet users in China.

In the present scenario, the dotcom bubble in china has been expanding with innovation and investment in the web hosting arena. While many websites were struggling to find a foothold on the Chinese internet platform, many disappeared behind the great Chinese firewall without a trace, while Google managed to squeeze in with a ‘.cn’ tag, but Baidu still continues to hog the limelight as the most preferred search engine with the Chinese internet users. Today, internet usage in china has become completely normalized, as faster broadband connections are being generated in different parts of China. The new phase of Chinese internet technology has simplified the process of sharing data, as well as online media.

In fact, the recent years have seen a remarkable change in the internet technology that is propelled by a revolution in usability and bandwidth. Key elements for web hosting in China are required to apply for the ICP license. Without the ICP license the websites are useless and without the websites the web servers are unmanageable. Therefore, obtaining the ICP license is critical, as its absence will make it unlawful to host a web server, which is according to the great firewall of China. Behind the scenes, it is important to get a domain name that is SEO friendly, and is easily picked up by the search engines.

It is always useful to have the term webhosting in the domain name as it will ensure that the website is highlighted on the web hosting search results page. It is advisable to choose a domain name that is not confusing, and also represents the company name. Now that the domain name has been decided, one can concentrate on attaining hosting platform.

Most entrepreneurs, who are venturing into the ecommerce business for the first time, prefer to host their website with a reseller account as it is easily available and cost effective. When hosting a website for the Chinese internet users, it is important to make sure that you get a client management and billing application. Payment gateway and a reseller provider also form an important part of web hosting in China.

The bottom line is that China prefers a smooth and effective process of ecommerce that is based on more orderly and a regulatory regime as exemplified by the great firewall of China.

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