The Chinese SEO in the Internet SEO Formula

As Featured On EzineArticles.comMost ecommerce websites are designed in order to drive the Chinese internet users to the website thus delivering a good user experience that converts the users into customers. According to a statistical report on the internet development in China, conducted during the year 2009, the Chinese SEO of the ecommerce site plays an important role in determining the perception of the internet users towards internet as an information gateway and its impact on the user’s behavior and attitude on internet trust.

According to statistics around 84.3% of users turn to the internet as a major source of information. But when it comes to internet trust, it has been found that although a large number of people rely on the internet for information, very few trust the internet for any online transaction as they are not willing to provide true information for online registration.

As stated by Chinese SEO experts, 82.4% of the Chinese internet users are wary of giving out their personal information on the internet and they have installed security software in order to safeguard their computers from viruses and many other frauds, including internet account access and passwords.

In the year 2009, around 195 million internet users had to deal with many problems caused due to infringement of internet security as viruses and Trojan horses invaded the privacy of personal computers. One hundred million Chinese internet users’ accounts were hacked and passwords were stolen. Most websites that aim at the Chinese internet users for doing business often refer to the Chinese SEO experts, in order to enhance their internet share in the virtual world. Around 78.5% of Chinese internet users state that when ever they find useful information, they pass it on to the others. This factor is instrumental in enhancing the brand value of the website, thus increasing the Chinese SEO for the website.

Seventy Six percent of the internet users have been found to pass on information about the website, if they find it informative and visually appealing. These are the two most important aspects of Chinese SEO and can be summed up as an ease of navigation combined with aesthetic appeal that will drive the prospective customer to the website. The statistical survey only confirms the fact that SEO mainly focuses on the human factor and gives little importance to the technical search engine, as this will ensure long term benefits for the company.

This approach will make the customers totally satisfied with the internet experience, as they are getting what they desire on the internet. The success of any online venture indicates that the SEO formula has been instrumental in propelling the website to the virtual forefront.



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