The Chinese Cyber Wave

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIn the past few years, it has been noted that all Chinese internet users talk about internet technology. In fact, the Chinese are making use of the new internet jargon where everything starts with the letter ‘e’, as there is e-shopping, e-mail, e-commerce and much more. Today, the world has been transformed into a small place devoid of any borderlines and the Chinese users can easily access the internet that is revolutionizing the world, with its state of the art technology.

This transformation can be best evidenced by an online survey and according to this, the number of broadband users has reached the 320 million mark out of the total of 338 million Chinese users as recorded in the year 2009. The number of broadband Chinese internet users who access the internet by this mode, make 94.3 percent of all internet users.

Statistics reveal that China is lagging behind in the usage of broadband internet speed. On the other hand, the internet users who made use of their mobile phones in order to access the internet have been found to be 155 million. This accounts to almost half of the total number of internet users. The availability of 3G technology in mobile phones has made it feasible for the people to easily access the internet from their mobile phones.

Technology has a knack of making things easily available for everybody. In fact, today internet has become a part and parcel of life and it influences the way the Chinese do their work, communicate and do their shopping.

This cyber wave has been strategic in transforming the concept of work and has been revolutionizing the economy at a very fast pace. As a matter of fact, the people who are scared of technology and think that it is only for the techno geeks; are realizing that internet is the future of this world and it has many advantages. Various businessmen, business executives, researchers, academicians and technologists in China make the small base of Chinese internet users, who access the internet for information and networking.

There are a large number of internet users that make use of this facility for entertainment. According to statistics, the number of users that access the internet for entertainment has been found to be more or less stable as there are 30 million users who play online games and around 16.1% of users like listening to music available online. Social networking on the internet is the new face of communication for the internet users as the internet technology has a high level of connectivity linking around 400 million users around the globe.


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