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As Featured On EzineArticles.comGoogle, a leading web site that offers its clients with a simpler form of web browsing and at the same time ensures that the relevance of the searches being returned by their crawlers is significant. This year, Google 2010 has set to release many distributions of the Chrome operating system is has been developing for years.

Last year, Google Chrome has increased its popularity with its faster method of browsing the internet. Its auto update feature was also included as well as the customizable theme of the window for a personal touch. Not only did Chrome steal the spotlight from existing browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, it also made a talk about what is to be expected from Google in 2010.

However, along with the release of Google Chrome came a few distribution problems. Internet articles say that the release of Chrome last year was a mistake because of the unfixed bugs and problems in the codified browser. There has been issues regarding the retrieval and storage of cookies that makes accessing one’s favorite sites harder after a few times. Personal users of the browsers agree that it appears that Google has released an unready version which made a bad start for the release of the OS.

The Chrome browser is currently being revised, but its earlier versions are still available for download. If Google is capable of releasing an unfinished prototype of what it expects to achieve without figuring out the bugs first, what more can we expect from them?

Google has been ready with an answer to this. Recent interviews with Google confirmed that the Chrome has not been polished to perfection, but has been determined to meet the basic system requirements of the company. However, Google assured its users that the Google 2010 Chromium OS is to be better. It has been under development for years already and has been test checked by the senior developers of the company.

Google has made sure that the system requirements required by Chromium is easily satisfied, hindering any problem with only high end computers being able to use the operating system. Google will release the full scale operating system once it has been polished; no specific date has been determined yet.

Developing a full scale operating system is tedious and is expected to be flawless. However, it is known that the presence of bugs cannot be predetermined and can arise in perfectly normal situations. Similarly stated, there has been no currently developed open source system aside from the distributions of Linux that is continuously being developed by open source developers. Google got the idea from the ever changing interface and functionalities of Mandrake, Red Hat and other Linux forms that they have decided to par with their own. Chromium is expected to be compatible with Windows software.


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