A Review For New eBook Viewers For the Year 2010

As Featured On EzineArticles.comWith the massive campaign for a greener environment, avid readers were psyched to believe that carrying their Kindles around is a greener way of doing their hobby. Well, prejudices aside, e-book readers are great ways to bring dozens of books without stuffing up your tote bag too much. And bookmarking pages will not be a problem anymore because electronic bookmarks can be pasted in just a push of a button.

It is hard to analyze which is the best ebook reader for the year 2010. After all, each one of these readers are very competent in terms of speed in browsing ebooks and ease of usage. Let me just provide you a list of the ebooks currently competing in the market now. The Consumer Electronics Show recently held in Las Vegas showcased dozens of e-readers and here are the top favorites (arranged in alphabetical order):

Kindle/Kindle DX (Amazon)
Amazon’s ebook reader was the first to surface in the ebook reader market. So does it prove that the early bird gets the worm? Well, not quite. Other ebook reader manufacturers are catching up with the Kindle. But notable Kindle features are the text-to-speech function (which narrates the whole story to you, word by word, when you’re having an eye strain but wanted to finish the latest trilogy you’re viewing).

Many have been looking forward to greater improvements on the Nook’s software. Users who have tried the nook unanimously say that it is slow or even unresponsive at times but is A+ in terms of design. But really, you don’t pay for an ebook reader for the cover. Ebook enthusiasts are expecting more improvements from the developers of this reader since most people also say it has much potential to become the best ebook reader-given the chance to be developed for a couple of years more.

If you want some real big screen when reading your favorite book or magazine, Skiff is the choice. It is the one reader which gives consumers an unprecedented 11.5 reading screen. Imagine such a big screen right in front of your face. It’s almost the size of a cute magazine. The only catch is that it isn’t a color ebook reader. So if you plan on using it to view colorful magazines then it will be quite a dull reading time not seeing what color is Angelina Jolie’s dress to the Emmy’s.

There are other newcomers in the field like the iPad which also encountered early disappointment from early buyers. As with other new age technology, we consumers should give these items a chance to improve and be worthy of an applause. The best ebook viewers are the ones which can pose tremendous developments from its first model. And so the battle begins.


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