Google – Empty Vessel Makes the Most Noise

Google no respect for Chinese censorship
Why Google always complaining about the Chinese censorship and not Microsoft and Yahoo. We do not hear so much nonsenses from other search companies but Google. And once a while from Matt Mullenweg too! Why?

China is a country with fifty-six ethnic groups, sharing land borders with fourteen countries. World largest population with a recorded population of 1.3 billion plus another estimated of at least one billion unregistered citizens and now the second largest economy in the world.

A big growing nation with so many cultural and ethnic differences, and fourteen different borders to defence, not including those still disputing over territorial rights, the Chinese government is managing their lands and people as one unified country and will not allow extremists or religious zealots to cause instability to the country or dethrone its sovereignty.

As a sovereign nation, the Chinese government is doing it best to protect it citizens. China still have a huge population of less educated citizens and these people can be easily manipulated by extremists. Using technologies from Google and Twitter, an extremist can easily raise an army to go against the government.

If the supremacy of the President of the United States has been compromised, schedules of the president publish on the internet and articles circulating on Twitter with title like ‘Three Easy Steps To Kill The President’. Will Google in the name of freedom of speech allows such contents to circulate freely? I believe any country leadership that is threaten by contents on the internet, the government will take it own initiative to censor, like the chinese censorship, and protect it sovereignty, just like catching illegal arms dealers smuggling arms into a country.

So many years have past, why Google has not learn it lesson and still cannot grab a stable foothold in the Chinese market? China has four thousands years of history. It has it own diverse cultures and beliefs the country still trying to cope with. Most of the families are still poor today and still depending on farming or living on daughters’ hard earned money from prostitution. China has come a long and hard way in it reform and it is still learning to fit itself into the modern world.

Does Google really has an understanding of the Chinese market or it just a bimbo brand? If you do a Chinese keyword search and compare Google search results for Chinese based contents to other Chinese search engines, it will show you how Google is so lack behind. This indicates to me that Google do not have an understanding of the Chinese internet. From the beginning, If Google has take it time to understand the Chinese culture and learn the Chinese way, I believe by now, Google is also the number one search engine in China.

Google please do not impose your western education in a Chinese culture. Instead learn to blend in your enriched western technologies into Chinese censorship, helping the Chinese government to build a better future and not condemning it to build your own egoistic empire at the expense of a country sovereignty.

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