Three Reasons Why Google Should Leave China

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Google leaving China or not, is not an important issue to many people like us living inside the great firewall of China and for people searching for Chinese article contents because Google do not play any important role in our internet life.

Here are the three reasons why Google should leave China and as early as possible.

No big difference. When you talk about searching for Chinese article contents, it is a waste of time using Google. Search using or make not much different in your search. Main differences are, you do not see youtube video and other blocked websites, and reorder of search results for The only benefit is, if you search with Hanyu Pinyin in you get the option to choose to search the Chinese characters instead of Hanyu Pinyin, which is already a typical feature in a Chinese search engine.

Too many keywords search. Searching for your hard to find chinese article contents from Google may take you from five to ten keywords. A typical Chinese search engine, will take less than five keywords to find what you want. If you are looking for a hard to find mp3, Google may give you the result after the tenth page. A Chinese search engine will most likely give you the result on the first page. This tells me a lot about Google and it commitment to the Chinese market. Google do not care about how the Chinese people way of life and if they do, Google search engine will be more Chinese search friendly.

Google is a stupid name. Google in English has no meaning to the Chinese people because majority of the Chinese do not read English. Having a Chinese Google name and not using it, makes Google more stupid. In the Chinese internet world, Google uses the English Google name mix with chinese characters on the search buttons and heading tags to form a sentence and this is annoying to the majority of non-english Chinese users. Mixing them is like reading Japanese and English texts combine together. Who the hell knows what it means!

Google should learn from his competitor, Yahoo. Yahoo uses the Chinese Yahoo name in everything they do, including offline promotion. An interesting fact here is, people hear of Google know Chinese Yahoo name but people hear of Chinese Yahoo name may not know Google. I think is time for Google to sell themselves as GuGe, the Chinese friendly name, or else is about time for Google to leave.

If you ever need to search for Chinese article contents on the internet, do a comparison next time and see if Google give you what you want faster or a typical Chinese search engine will serve you better. Test it out!

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